Transforming the way
shop, cook and eat

About Cafe Devine

Cafe Devine, LLC is an exciting new venture from Patti Devine, the founder of the popular restaurant of the same name, which thrived in upstate New York from 2009 to 2015.

Our mission is to revolutionize communities’ shopping, cooking, and eating habits by leveraging data-driven models to support meal preparation and foster healthier lifestyles.

Avocado Salad
Strawberries - original

What this Means to Communities

Drawing on Patti Devine’s extensive experience in food service, restaurant ownership, and the global food industry, Cafe Devine has developed an innovative data-driven food education platform.

Through a comprehensive understanding of individuals’ dietary needs, food preferences, cultural influences, and even techniques catering to disabilities and motor and cognitive limitations, Cafe Devine provides customized recipes to empower communities to nourish themselves, their families, and their pets with wholesome, health-focused food.

Why This Matters

In recent years, numerous corporate retailers have flourished while small community and neighborhood markets have shuttered. Simultaneously, families have become dispersed globally, leaving elderly relatives behind in their hometowns.

Many individuals live with invisible disabilities that are often overlooked, preventing them from accessing appropriate benefits. Furthermore, the prevalence of excessive plastic packaging and safety seals poses challenges for those with arthritis and other fine motor issues.

Northeastern and rust belt communities with aging populations often lack family support and face limitations in transportation. As a result, fewer families share meals together, with the fast-food industry thriving and the rise of “fast casual” food further distancing households from traditional home-cooked meals.


What This Means For You

Are your loved ones grappling with health issues, weight management, physical limitations, mental well-being, or cognitive challenges?

Do you wish you had more time to dedicate to supporting your family and local community, but work commitments keep getting in the way?

Have you experienced the profound impact of the pandemic, realizing the significance of family bonds and the pain of loss and grief?

There is a Way to Help.

We offer you a unique opportunity to make a difference. By contributing to Cafe Devine, you’ll help us launch our organization in Saco, Maine and pave the way for a nationwide expansion that could include the small town you hold dear.

In our initial phase, we will create compelling videos and curate content for our recipe book. In Phase II, we aim to introduce The Camper Kitchen, a mobile food education unit, to further empower communities with practical cooking skills and knowledge.